Tea Packaging

Designed three different labels and packaging (only one style of packaging was required) for three different types of tea, presumably from the same company. I named my company, “Tea-ease.” I created a logo of a coy Chinese Dragon to represent my Chinese black tea. The dragon also has a bindi to represent the Indian Chai tea. There is a Japanese fan for the Japanese green tea. As I already had tea tins in my possession, it was quite natural to use those for my base and adhere labels on to the tins. I took colors in large part from the tins. I also used a wooden holder (from a whiskey barrel, but it would be quaint to tell people that it is reclaimed wood from an old tea curing plant).

Video Game Launch Kit Contents

Here are images of the documents I took to the printer’s. The image of the Japanese girl and the pond, with the Nancy Drew® logo is a copy of the actual image from the video game, “Shadow at the Water’s Edge.”

Included are the sudoku book cover with my rendition of one of the characters of the video game. The image of the page of cherry blossom “shrinkydinks.” And a foldout of how to create one’s name with the Japanese, Katakana, phonetic alphabet that I will place in a pocket in a notebook for watercoloring.