Initial Idea for a Mobile App


Journal of Daily Gratitudes

  1. Daily Entries – Personal thoughts of thankfulness and positivity
  2. Automatically records time, location & weather at time of entry (can change weather (maybe time & location) if not accurate)
  3. Rate your mood/day on scale of 1.0-10.0
  4. Create categories to categorize each entry – no category falls under miscellaneous.
  5. Star entries. Starred entries can randomly pop-up in Gentle Reminder Pop=Up
  6. Gentle Reminders containing buttons to create Quick Entry or Snooze or Ignore
  • with encouraging quotes from within app starred entries from you -???
  1. Full Mode Entry –
  • can change background colors
  • format text type & style
  • add pictures, video, music or recording (can add tag info to the A/V files)
  1. Quick Entry mode – plain format – Can switch to full mode (vice versa) or edit in full mode later
  2. Searchable by entire content of entry or hashtags
  3. Publish on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest


  1. Chart entries. X-axis shows dates. Y-axis may be:
  • Daily Rating
  • Specific Word(s)
  • Hashtags
  • Categories
  • A/V attachments
  1. All entries entered in personal blog that can be private or published
  2. Entries may be easily published as e-book or printed book