90 Minute Turkey Marinade

90 Minute Turkey: Product Packaging Assignment

90 Minute Turkey: Product Packaging Assignment

This piece was created as packaging for an appropriate product to go along with the 90 Minute Turkey recipe found in the link below. The product was also to invoke the general vibe of the particular website as well.

These are my mockups for an injectable marinade.


Turkey Sketch 1Turkey Sketch 2

Turkey Sketch 3  Turkey Sketch 4

Backyard Wild

In the fall of 2014, there was a very large spider (it’s abdomen was a good 1/2″ in diameter) that lived on the outside of my screen porch. The spider’s web was next to a flood light that I use regularly, when my dog is outside. This spot was particularly advantageous in that many insects were attracted to that light, providing copious meals for the corpulent spider. The spider kept up it’s web in that spot for a surprisingly long time, around 2 months. I often took an interest in the spider, checking to see if it was still there (& not inside of the porch). Occasionally I would witness it wrapping up an unfortunate insect, sometimes up to three in one night. This particular evening, the spider’s catch was larger than I had ever seen. Initially, I thought it was a grasshopper, but the following morning, when I found the remaining, dry husk of the creature, I could clearly see that the spider had dined on a sizable praying mantis.


spider_mantis1_2 spider_mantis2_2 spider_mantis3_2 spider_mantis4_2

A year later… The spider’s offspring…